Monday, January 18, 2021


 The view at the cottage is changing. What once was one little run down cottage waiting for a transformation has now turned into four. Four in a row, we can't believe that in eleven years  we have purchased this bit of heaven on earth. You can stand by the waters edge and as far as you can cast its now in our family. So many happy memories have happened at the lake. I am looking forward to all the giggles ahead. And...the spectacular lake view! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Content is my word that has followed me around like a shadow. I picked this word months ahead of time. I just think its the coolest thing that a word picks you, but it truly does, pick you! This word keeps popping up in my mind...a little voice inside my head that says very softly to content. When I started the school year off teaching as the lead teacher in first grade for 9 weeks. There were many things I had to learn all over again after retiring three years ago---Be content
When I had to relearn my retired life all over again after I finished that job---Be content
When my husband goes to work and I'm home alone---Be content
When my groups are all on hold because of this virus, sewing, cooking, writing, cards,luncheons---Be content
When I cant see my own family or go to town for weeks upon end---Be content
Be content ---Be content---Be content
So I am saying that, then I smile...Because I made many new friends going back into teaching for those few weeks. I have my routine back on track. I love spending time with our dogs and chickens. Every person in all my groups I have heard from by, letter, call or text. I Zoom people to see them or stand across my driveway locked in conversations. I do not miss going to town and my freezer is getting emptied. I am being creative at home by myself, sewing, cooking, painting. I walk in the woods and I think to myself how lucky I am, how blessed I am, how fortunate I am...
Yes I am Content! 

Saturday, April 25, 2020


The spring rain is falling down this morning gently. The soft pats as it splashes on the ground put me in a subdued mood. Outside lining my driveway are hundreds of daffodils in full bloom. They are in every shade of yellow on the color wheel. When I walk to the mailbox I feel like a queen as every one of them is standing at attention. Their center trumpet facing me bellowing a cheery hello as I pass by smiling. When people drive up my driveway they all feel the same as each one has  a lovely comment about those yellow flowers. So every Fall I plant more and every year they emerge and bloom... putting an a bright ray of color for all to see. Blooming over and over.

Sunday, April 19, 2020


This past week I have been reading a friends blog that talks about a hard subject. I has had me thinking daily of hard things in my life. Things that you push down deep as they make you feel inadequate, unloved, and unsure of yourself. When thinking of it you have many tears, making your heart ache feeling sore. Dealing with these feelings you ponder about it , talk about it, deal with it. Finally after years of your heart pushing them way to the back of your mind. However they do reemerge from time to time. My grandmother once said hard times are always followed by good.Sometimes it takes awhile but the joy does come. As joy always follows around behind, hard times. Its waiting to show a ray of gladness then a full blown out blast of happiness. So the joy is coming we just need to look for it, wait for it. So keep looking and SMILE!

Thursday, April 16, 2020


Everyday before noon I catch myself looking at my watch to see if its time. Time to turn on the T.V. to watch the Walton's. Its the only show that is interesting to me right now during the daytime. Enough for me to stop what I'm doing and eat my lunch while listening to John Boy's writing. That family was going through the great depression and still they found joy in each day. I used to watch this show as a child but I find myself hanging onto each lesson the writers are trying to get across. Each character has a special place in the family, living, working and learning  from one another. Its all the life lessons that I love watching, the bonding this family has with all the generations living under one roof. The meals at the table, and sitting around the radio remind me of how times can be simpler if we allow it. The parents and grandparents are just trying to raise the children to be good adults, with kindness and love. After each show I just sit there and smile, thinking to myself... oh I wish there was another episode. Until tomorrow at noon! Then I can climb to Walton's mountain once again.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


On Easter we are to think of Christ - He is risen. A friend sent me a text early in the morning that day before the birds started their chatter reminding me of just that. It was Easter, one of my favorite days to go to church, to sing the hymns. I love the energy that day, the spring dresses and Alleluias! Singing in the pews as loud as you can, together as a choir. I think our pew of girls sounds absolutely beautiful. I  have a harmonizing voice next to theirs. Generations of families singing side by side what glorious music.
After thinking about those beautiful songs I decided to sing my favorite. Jesus Christ Has Risen Today Alleluia! I went and dug out Great Aunt Emma's Lutheran Hymnal and there it was on page 199. In my old farm clothes I took that hymnal out by the chicken yard, stood tall on a rotting tree stump. Singing every verse as loud as I could, my voice was not as sweet and smooth as in church with others voices engulfing mine. It was pitchy and crackly. The chickens stood silent as did the dogs,  listening- giving me their attention. I think the Lord liked my singing. So did the 2 men fishing in the pond across from my house as they gave me a wave. We have a voice and should sing out more often even if we aren't on key. Sing we to our God above, Praise him...Alleluia... 

Monday, April 13, 2020


It has been five years since I have been on this blog. To me it seems like a year ago. When I wrote on this yesterday I kept saying , "five years I just can't believe it, five whole years." My goodness I had a lot to say in five years and maybe someone wanted to hear it! I told myself that should never happen again. I'm retired and I should find the time. Someone recently told me...We all are given the same gift of 24 hours a day, its what we choose to do with that time that makes the difference.
Back to the topic: I really don't like assignments, I'm one who drags my feet until the last minute. This year I have been writing a story every week starting January first. I didn't want to do it, I kept thinking this is a terrible gift for me. My daughter got me this book online as a Christmas gift. I have to write stories about my life given an idea if I choose to use it each Monday it comes on my email. I think about it all week then I write. Really its a gift for my girls someday, but also a gift to me to remember events and sometimes I'm surprised by what I remember. It has made me write, which as you know I don't like pressure. So I did it with lots of complaints to Rex. Then as the stories went out and I got little replies I started enjoying it more. Now I even read them out loud to Rex before I push, send. Our daughters are the only ones who can see them and at the end of the year they will be bound into a book for them. Its an assignment!
Then last week at BONS, we were assigned by the next meeting to write on our blogs. I wasn't even sure mine was out there in space anymore. So the idea quickly was placed far back in my brain, where the cobwebs reside. Then a text was sent...two people had wrote. UUGG. Then another text...did you see another one  has written! I said to myself, I'll do it if they all end up writing. Well surprise, surprise, they DID. So out came the dusty laptop. I worked for a long time, but in the end there it was my old Blog, like an old friend. Five years... but I'm glad now, I had the assignment and everyone did it. So I'm enjoying writing because of these assignments.